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I specialize in applications development for smartphones and tablets with Android. My passion combined with knowledge creates great user experience.


  • Freelance Android Developer06.2017 - Present

    I like solving challenges while helping different people reach theirs varied goals. I am keen on working with remote teams but would also consider cooperation with a startup, company or a single person. I have experience working on both small and complex projects during which I stayed in contact with clients and a programming team. I cannot wait to hear about your application! Please contact me to check when I am available.
  • Android Trainer02.2017 - 03.2019

    I taught Android development to people who want to learn the basics of creating mobile apps within a few months and start their career in IT.
    I enjoyed it as I like sharing my knowledge with others.
  • Android Developer04.2016 - 05.2017

  • Android Developer07.2014 – 04.2016

  • Freelance Android Developer08.2013 - 12.2014

  • Intern Android Developer07.2013 - 07.2013


  • Master's degree, WETI, Informatics2014 - 2016

    For my master’s degree I designed and developed an accessory which communicates via Bluetooth with Android based devices. This accessory has variety of sensors, for example: temperature meter, humidity meter, distance meter, sound alarm, LEDs and more. There is no business purpose though. I was researching for low-cost possibilities of building the accessory which is able to connect to mobile devices.
  • Bachelor's degree, WETI, Informatics2010 - 2014

    For the Engineering Diploma Project I created with a team of colleagues a cRPG game with character editor for Android devices.


  • Android SDK

  • Java

  • Android Studio

  • Git

  • Teamplay

  • IDE Shortcuts

  • Mobile Applications

  • SQLite

  • Gradle

  • Kotlin

  • Material design


  • Build servers


  • Agile Methodologies

I worked on apps for:

  • Bank clients

    Insurance companies clients

    Sales representatives


    Blind people

    Football fans

    Art passionates

    Other, general purpose apps

Some of the apps I created all by myself and some of them I created in team of several people.

My home office space:


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